Core Pass Concepts

Photo c/o Franklin Home Page I was listening to The Coach and Coordinator Podcast a few days ago. Keith Grabowski had TJ White, the Head Football Coach at Birmingham Southern College, on the show as his guest. One of the best quotes from Coach White was his plan to have "more reps running our offense… Continue reading Core Pass Concepts


Patriot’s Juke Series By Noah Riley

Photo c/o FiveThirtyEight   This is a another great post by Noah Riley! This time he discusses the "Juke" series the Patriots run. I love this concept in that it sets up 1 vs 1 opportunities for slot receivers versus an inside linebacker. We implemented this concept last year with limited success. This… Continue reading Patriot’s Juke Series By Noah Riley

Baylor’s Vertical Passing Game by Noah Riley This is a great post that discusses Baylor's Deep Choice concepts. This post, by Coach Noah Riley has been a tremendous help in understanding some of the success Missouri had this past fall running similar concepts. Also, a big shoutout to the gentlemen on twitter who have been discussing this concept recently... @DrewCPiscopo @bruceeien… Continue reading Baylor’s Vertical Passing Game by Noah Riley